"Yoga for the Unflexible"

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  1. One hour class with yoga moves that everyone can perform.
  2. Improves flexibility, strength, blood circulation, and stimulates energy centers to bring vibrant health to those who participate.  More benefits are labeled below.

  3. Once ordered you  will receive a link for immediate download to the class.

 Product Review 

"without having to work for weeks and weeks."

I just wanted to share with you my success in using your Yoga workout.  I am 56 and 
having so much trouble with my lower back, and all over stiffness. That darn aging

I had been practicing yoga on and off for many years. Everytime I would go back to
it I really couldn't do many postures without ending up hurting my lower back.

So I tried your Yoga cd and I faithfully but slowly followed your routine. I
couldn't do everything the first few times, but each time it got easier. I just have
to say thank you! Without having to work for weeks and weeks for results I can
honestly say my lower back is so much better. Not only that, but I had shoulder
surgery a few years ago and it nagged me with stiffness and that is much better
to. My all around strength and a feeling of physical well being has improved in such
a short time.

Your yoga workout is sensible and well thought out. Anyone really can do this.
Your quiet encouragement throughout the workout is wonderful.

Thank you for sharing all the knowledge you have gained throughout your experiences
at such a modest cost! I have a big glass of kefir every morning, soak my grains
and legumes, and what a huge difference adding those things to my life have made all
because you have shared! I have read, researched, and bought many books through my
life on health wasting so many dollars, but you are truly sharing good things at
such an afforable price that are easy to do, enjoyable, and work!!!

I wish you the very best in your life's continuing journey!
Cora, H

"Yoga for the Unflexible"

It doesn't matter how inflexible, old, or sick you think you are, these movements can be performed by anyone while still gaining the full benefits.

Will Increase blood circulation throughout the entire body, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be carried to all joints and organs.

Helps to release tension in the spinal column, especially for those with tight shoulders and low back problems.

These movements will help to lengthen and tone the muscles in your body.

Your strength and stamina will increase.

You'll develop more flexibility and agility to help you in your everyday tasks.

The inner organs are stimulated to help digestion and weight loss.

This program promotes an overall feeling of well being and helps to reduce your stress levels.

60 minutes of smooth yoga moves to bring more health and vibrance to anyone who participates.

A great routine to perform during fasting or cleansing.  The moves are gentile but very effective at stimulating the inner organs and creating better blood flood so that the body can stay warmer.

Yes, - I Can't Wait To Get
the Yoga class!

 Price: $14

P.S.  We are waking up to a time that we stop looking for others

to give us the magic pill and start learning how to take responsibility
for our own health.

Copyright 2011 Michael-Paul Patterson LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

Michael-Paul Patterson