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"The Most Efficient Workout Routine for Building Natural, Real World Strength, Flexibility, Endurance While Melting Fat."

  Stop Wasting Hours in the Gym and Learn to Train Much More Efficient and Effective Right in Your Own Home.

No Equipment Necessary.

Perfect for:

Those who simply don't have the time or money for the Gym.

Parents who have busy family lives.

Those who must travel a lot with business or other endevors

Or, simply for those who want a time saving workout routine to get a ripped muscular structure while healing your joints at the same time.

   This video may take 15 to 25 seconds to start playing. 

Copyright 2014 Michael-Paul Patterson LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

 Product Review
"Injured knees are feeling great!"

I tried your workout for the first time 2 days ago and my body is still in pain(good pain) its pure hardcore.  I couldn't even do the 3 rounds. I did 2 of 10 reps hehe...  and my previously injured knees are feeling great!

Thanks Michael
Guillermo S.

 Product Review
"Had a stiff neck for years..."

Thanks for the videos on exercises and stretches, really helpful. I have done three sessions already, I had a stiff neck for years and it feels a lot better.

Great work!

 Product Review
"it's already feeling better..."

My wife and I have been doing the exercises...a very nice  challenge actually.  I had a bum knee for the last 4 years and it's already feeling better!

Thank you so much for the great course,

 Product Review
"Love the Simplicity..."
I have a few weeks ago purchased your programme and 
have been browsing
through the videos and checked it all out.
Looks pretty cool, and like that
you are not making it more
difficult than it is. Love the simplicity and
that there is none of the
 "tv-shop" sales pitch.



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I'm a Fitness Trainer and I See People
Wasting Thousands of Hours in the Gym Everyday.

In this online course, I am going to teach you my personal workout routine. 
Working in the fitness industry for several years now, I have achieved several different certifications, constantly attended workshops and have been to numerous
fitness conventions.  I've been around the block and have seen so many ridiculous movements and routines that are simply something "New" just to keep people entertained.  In my opinion, 90% of it is a complete waist of time.

I've taught all sorts of conventional
and unconventional classes such as:

Fight Out
Tae Boe
Body Pump
Hot Iron
Johny G. Spinning
Butt, Abs, and Legs
Body Fit.
Abs X-Press
Conditioning X-Press
Power Yoga
Bikram Yoga

What Makes this Ultimate Effecient Program
so Special?

This simple program is mixed with only the best conventional and unconventional exercises.  And when performed in a certain order and time, the body becomes a strong, healthy, ripped, flexible machine ready to take on any REAL world movements or activities.

This program is designed to quickly:

Build Full Body Functional Muscular Strength.

Heal the Joints.

Increase Flexibility.

Increase Muscular Endurance.

Increase Overall Body Conditioning.

And Shred the Fat Off of Your Body.

Simple as that...

Sorry, no greased up, shaved chest, flared lats, fake tan, or man-made supplements here. 

Only 100% Natural Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance without the expense!

The vast majority of my clients in the fitness industry are women, so ladies, have no fear. 

Many women have told me that they are afraid of bulking up and gaining too much muscle.  Ladies, you do not have to worry about this. WHY?

1. Women do not have near as much testosterone as men.

2. It takes lots of supplements and hours and hours of heavy hard training in the gym to really "bulk up." 

This is NOT about bodybuilding or just puffing up the muscles for looks.  It's about melting fat and building a strong lean body that can move with grace and ease as you perform your daily physical tasks or sports.

As a fitness trainer, I understand that EVERYONE is at a different fitness level.  I show modifications for everything, even movements that my grandmother can do!

What's Inside the Online Course?

See Video Demonstration of the most effective
home workout program that builds muscular physical
strength for REAL world
bodily movements, activities, flexibility and endurance.

Discover the most time efficient workout that trains
every muscle and joint in your body.


After observing the complete program, each exercise
will be broken down and discussed in full detail
with separate videos.

Find Key Points written under each video to help
you remember the finer points that will make all the
difference in the world with your workout.

Learn exercises that actually heal the joints in the
body instead of damage them.

A fitness program that takes only 20- 45 minutes
to complete, depending on your fitness level.

The Giant Secret to the Six Pack Revealed. (People pour out buckets of sweat everyday for this, if they only knew the short cut, life would be much easier.)

 "When you consider......."

No more gym membership fees.

No more time and gas money spent driving
to and from the gym.


No more silly home fitness equipment.

No personal trainer fees.

No more ridiculous fitness exercises created only to keep you entertained.

The price of this video course will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars when you learn to become self sufficient with this highly effective, efficient workout routine. 

I have literally seen people charge 10 times as much for only only a fraction of what I am about to teach you.  Needless to say, you are definitely getting a steal deal here!!!

 "Five Good Reasons to Get the Video Course"

Save Time - Learning to train more efficient will save you from wasting hours in the gym.

Save Money - when you have an excellent home workout routine, no need for expensive supplements or gym fees.

It's More Effective -  when you do exercises in a certain order and manner, you can cut hours off of your training time.

No special Equipment Needed - A workout routine you can use for the rest of your life, anytime...anywhere!!! 

Immediate access to private members area where you can view the course directly on your computer, No time or money wasted on shipping!

Yes, - I Can't Wait To Get Access to
 the Ultimate Efficient Video Course!

Retail Price: $47

Sale Price: $35


PS. "It's time to get off that rump and start movin'!!!  You can do this
training program right now in the exact room where you're sitting."

 Product Review
"effective and to the point."

Very nice, effective and to the point. 

Finally nice to have something that isn't just all about bodybuilding in the tradition sense of the word. But something that is truly more about functional practical workouts.

You may not continue to grow and grow like bodybuilders but you'll be more athletic then them. Great stuff!


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Copyright 2014 Michael-Paul Patterson LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

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