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Hard Cold Facts.
Below are research charts showing the powerful effects of wheatgrass compared to other vegetables.

All the guinea pigs started out at 260 grams of weight.  One group ate only lettuce, another only cabbage, a third only spinach, and the fourth only grass.  On week 8 the cabbage pig was dying and grass was added to all the pig’s diets.  All improved dramatically.  Spinach was the second best.  The grass used was only 20% protein.

Enhanced Motor Activity

The study below tested the motor activity and endurance rates of mice who had spray dried barley grass juice added to their standard diets. (Barley grass is a close cousin to wheatgrass)  32 mice were tested, 16 with 2% grass added to their food and 16 without any as a control.  The number of revolutions on their wheel cages was recorded over a 2-hour test period each day for 15 days.  The grass fed mice revolved the wheel cage more than the control mice in numbers that were “Outrageously higher.”

Increased Endurance

On the endurance test below, 16 mice were prodded to race on an uphill sloped treadmill belt with 15 days of 2% and 4% barley grass added to their diet.  “ The momentum (body weight multiplied by duration) in the mice fed on 4% barley was significantly larger than that in the control group.” “The average body weight of mice fed on the barley grass food was larger than the mice fed on the standard food.”

These research charts came from Wheatgrass, Natures Finest Medicine pgs. 61 and 66.

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