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I have spent Thousands of Dollars
Testing Different Health Devices and Supplements.

Below is a list of the few products that I have found
to be of value and that I personally use myself.

Some of these products are discussed in my book
"How to Gain Superior Health and Strength"

Some websites have changed since the book was written.
The links below have all been updated to the correct website.

This cured my dog of trismus even when the vet said,
       "there is nothing you can do."  Click Here to find out more.

2.  Holosync -  Meditate like a zen monk at the push of a button. (pg. 194)
        Click Here for a Free Sample

3.  Atomidine - electrified iodine, essential for the proper function of all glandular systems.
      (pg. 131)


4.  Ozonator - An inexpensive device that will purify and add more oxygen to your water.
      (pg. 170)

5.   Healing Earth Clays Click Here. - An edible earth clay that will help to alkalize and detox the body. 
      (pg. 125) Click on Image.

6.   Rare Earth Magnets - Powerful magnets used to make wholly water! (pg. 171)
       For More info click on the image Below.  Look for Rect4210 that is what I use.

7.   Himalayan Crystal  Salt - The best salt you can get. (pg. 84)
       For More info click on the image below and scroll down about half way down the page.

8.   How  I make my own vitamin, mineral, protein, antioxidant, and Cholorophyl supplement.
       (pg. 116)  Click on the Image.

9.  How I make my own probiotic supplement that is also loaded with other nutrients.
      (pg. 129) 
Click on the Image.

10.)  Diet of the Masters - My book brought to life with added modifications, several videos of Ancient Recipes and how to prepare them for maximum nutrient absorbtion.  Click on Image.

11.)  The one minute cure

12.)  Adding more oxgen to the body as discussed on pg.165,  Click on the image below.  Look for the link on the left hand side.

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