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Crushing Candida

Yoga for the Unflexible

Ultimate Efficient Workout

Diet of the Masters


Crushing Candida -  Two different candida protocols that flush candida out of the body in 2-5 days.

Yoga for the Unflexible - One hour DVD with yoga moves that everyone can perform.  Improves flexibility, strength, blood circulation, and stimulates energy centers to bring vibrant health.

Ultimate Efficient Workout - The most efficient workout you can perform without weights gym fees or supplements.  This workout will train every muscle in your body.  Only the best conventional and unconventional movements that will save you training time.  NO silly twists and turns just to keep you busy.

Diet of the Masters  Diet system used by ancient masters, greek olympians, indian wrestlers, spartans, roman soldiers and other naturally strong persons. Shows how to lose weight or gain weight naturally with spiritual and scientific data backing up this diet system.

Wheatgrass Videos  A video course showing you everything you need to know about growing and using wheatgrass.  Much of this information you will not find in the health books.  Many of these tecniques were discovered through years of personal use and experimentation.

Kefir Videos  Your Complete Guide for Making Traditional Kefir.  Everything you need know to make this process much faster, easier, and cleaner.

Kefir Grains  Living Caucasus Kefir Grains.  Born and raised in organic cow milk.

How to Gain Superior Health eBook  Learn the diet and health secrects of  wisemen, healers, warriors and prophets.  A comprehensive guide showing you lost and forgotten knowledge about how, when, where, and why to use certain foods and healing remedies.

Get rid of the Internal Garbage  One of the best things you can do to rid your body of old unwanted internal garbage.  You clean out everything around you, your house, your car, your work area,  so why not clean out your insides.

My personal seal of approval.  I have spent thousands of dollars testing health devices and supplements and here are a few that are worth the money.