"How To Make and Use
Real Traditional Kefir
Much Faster, Easier, and Cleaner."

The Best Source of Probiotics in Less than 2 Min. a Day.

Whether you're already a Kefir maker or brand new to the knowledge of living
grains, discover amazing techniques that will simplify your kefir making process.

I guarantee you won't find this anywhere else.

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Hi Michael,
I just finished the Kefir course, and it was fabulous.  I have read several instructions on how to make the kefir, and have went through several batches, at least 10, and was soooo frustrated with the outcome.  We have our own goat and the taste of the kefir was not good.  So your course really explained a ton and clued me into what I should be doing. 

Lisa W.   MA, USA

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The "MP" Method Kefir Video Course:

A Step-by-Step Kefir Video Course Showing You Everything You Need to Know About Making Traditional Kefir Much Faster, Easier and Cleaner.
  • Over 2 hours of Pure content explained right in front of you so that you can SEE what is really happening and what should be done.

  • Everything you need to know for the fastest way to make your daily kefir.

  • Discover how to use this health promoting food in ways that you will not find anywhere else.  I gaurantee you this!

  • This Video Course is broken down into 45 videos for your convenience.

  •  Each video is from 2-8 minutes long.  This way you won't have to rewind or fast forward through the whole course if you forget something.  You can go straight to the part that you need.

  • Learn how to not waste milk.

  • You view this course directly on your computer so that you receive it in seconds! No Shipping Cost.

  • Don't waste hours and hours reading and researching tons of info on the internet.  I have spent years doing that for you.  It's much easier when you have a personal kefir trainer showing you tips, tricks and knowledge from years of personal experience.

  • We'll cover everything you need to know and more!

Below are Questions and Subjects that will be shown
and discussed inside the Kefir Video Course.

  • What should you do when you first get your grains?

  • How long should you wait before drinking your first batch of Kefir?

  • How to save money making your kefir.

  • I'll show you the MP Method step-by-step so you can make this healing probiotic faster, cleaner, and easier.  Having a proper set up can make you or break you when it comes making daily kefir. (That's when we usually stop doing things for our health, when they become too annoying and time consuming.)

  • Through many trials and error I have discovered the most optimal way to set up Kefir Jars to allow for the fastest strain of milk while still retaining the Kefir Grains.  And you can literally clean them in seconds.

  • I will tell you about the best jars you can use and show you how you can easily set them up yourself for the MP Method.  99% of the time you can find all this for Free.  But don't worry I have links for you if you can't find these things.

  • As most of you probably know kefir grains do not like metal strainers.  No worries, I'll show you how to fix this.

  • The MP Method Makes Your Daily Kefir Making Process Much Faster, Easier and Cleaner.
  • Perfect for making a daily dose of kefir for one or two people.

  • I will also show you How to set up the MP Method for a Family Dose.

  • Learn about the ratio of grains to milk.

  • Discover how time and temperature affect the fermentation process.

  • See with your own two eyes the different stages of fermentation. (Know when it is good to drink and learn when it is not ready or over fermented)  You can read all about this in text but you'll never know for sure until you have an experienced person show you.

  • You'll learn how to rebalance the acidity of the grains if you happen to forget about them for a few days.

  • Learn what to do when you get an early separation.

  • Know when to consume it at its peak stage.

  • I will show you a few different ways you can eat or drink this kefir depending on your goals.

  • As a fitness trainer, I will also give you some personal advise on how to use kefir for exercising and losing weight.

  • Should you drink it with food or by itself?

  • Should you refrigerate it or not?

  • Should you really wash your grains?

  • When is the best time of day to drink it?

  •  How much should you drink everyday?

  • See and learn about the different types of milk and discover which ones are the best to use. (You'll even get a sneak peak of how I get my milk; you don't see this everyday.)

  • Learn what to look for to see if your milk contains the Grass Factor, this just shows you that you are getting the highest nutrients possible.

  • How you can find better and possibly cheaper sources of milk.

  • Learn all about storage for a week, a month, or years.  There are 4 different methods.

  • Also see how to bring them back from their resting stage.

  • I'll show you my top 2 favorite simple and easy to make recipes.

  • Learn how to apply kefir on your body for dandruff, itchy scalp, psoriosis and other irritated skin rashes.

  • I am going to show you how to add the special magical powers to these babies that will make them stronger and grow faster.  And you won't beleive it until you taste it but it will also make the kefir taste better!  I will show you how you can really test this.

  • You will learn many personal experience tips and tricks you can use to help you make and use your kefir.

  • Just as a little side bonus I will show you how I feed it to my pups and how they rip into this stuff!

  • And last but not least,  once you view the course you can personally email me and I will be there to help you out if you run into any problems whatsoever.

The MP (Michael-Paul) Method is much Faster, Cleaner and Easier.


 Product Review
"A Bit Frustrated..."

 Just a jot to say,  THANK YOU!   my mp kefir is doing exceptional. I didnt want to admit it, but I WAS getting a bit frustrated with all the washing, splattering, transferring.  This is cut my moves in half, and makes the kefir harvesting a joy again.  You're excellent for helping people this way mp!  Breaking my personal kb records weekly , wooo hooo!
                                                                                                             Rachel L. 

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 Product Review 

"nothing short of amazing."

Just a jot I must say the Kefir Videos that you have made are nothing short of amazing, the sound and picture quality is excellent and the content of information is just what I needed.

For anyone who wants a complete understanding of the art of kefir making, I highly recommend these videos.  Perfect for the beginner or the seasoned kefir maker by following the instructions.

Given you are on your way to making perfect Kefir.

Brent S.
South Africa

 Product Review 

"Very detailed and Professional!"

Very detailed and professional!  This video course saved
 me a lot of time researching for the
same path by trial and error!

It is truly, "value for money".  A small amount of money
can get countless
hours of Michael's effort and research.

Thank you,

Ringo C.

The Endless Hours of Research and Trying to Figure All this Out Are Over! It's All Right Here, A Personal Guide with Several Years of Experience, You Just Kick Back and Hit Play.

Like Never Seen Before, Guaranteed!

 "Five Good Reasons to Get the Video Course"

Real Kefir can be confusing and time consuming unless you have someone showing you how it really works.

You'll learn how to set everything up with minimal effort while gaining maximum results.

Most people stop healthy habits because they are too time consuming.  The kefir Video Course shows how to make one of the most potent health drinks in less than 2 min. a day.

You save money by doing it right the first time and not wasting milk like most people do.

Immediate access to private members area, No time or money wasted on shipping!

Yes, - I Can't Wait To Get Access to the Kefir Video Course!


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P.S.  Don't be fooled by store bought kefir, it's not the same as making it yourself.
Real Kefir consists of living bacteria which need oxgen to breath and be healthy.

P.S.S.  Everything in the store is heated destroying most if not all of the beneficial bacteria. 
Packages are also sealed for weeks cutting off the supply of oxygen. 
You know what happens when you can't breathe.

 Product Review
"I'm very lazy..."

If I had not ordered the course I never would have kept up with my kefir production since I'm very lazy and get annoyed easily.  So many folks here in the US don't know anything about real kefir, people deserve to know about this health tool, and it's very wonderful that you took the time and made a video course that explains in the greatest detail how to manage a home grown kefir crop.

Thank you,
Jenna K. 

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