All About Kefir.

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3.  Why Drink Kefir?

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5.  Drink of the Prophets.

6.  Water vs. Milk Kefir

7.  How to Make Kefir

8.  Need Kefir Grains?

What is Kefir?

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Kefir is pronounced (kef e-er).  It is a refreshin
g cultured-milk beverage that is loaded with nutritional benefits.  It is made by culturing fresh milk with kefir grains.  Kefir grains are not to be mistaken for cereal grains; they are a soft, gelatinous white biological mass of proteins, lipids (fats), and a soluble-polysaccharide kefiran complex.  They are famous for there vast mixture of specific friendly (LAB) Lactic-acid Bacteria and yeasts. 

This is the most potent source of probiotics (friendly bacteria) you can find.  In most probiotic pills found in stores you will find about 15 different strains of friendly bacteria, for example
(Lactobacillus bugaricus and Streptoccocus thermophilus) are just 2 of the more well known strains.  To learn more about the different strains click here:
but once again Mother Nature has out done the laboratories, a natural kefir grain contains 42 different strains of friendly bacteria.  There is no comparison here.  Kefir grains are far superior to the probiotics you will find in a bottle. 

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